Happy Day Cookie Cake

This post is dedicated to my college roommate Kathleen–an absolutely wonderful person who kept me company and kept me laughing throughout college.  We met our freshman year on the bus to our nutrition class, found out we had a lot in common, and decided to live together for the rest of college.

Picture of us together from our freshman year on the bus.

So Kathleen used to work at the St Louis zoo a lot for school (aka she didn’t get paid to do the amount of work she used to do).  She came home one night with a cookie cake from the local grocery store that simply said “Happy Day,” not Happy Birthday but just “Happy Day.”  We were so amused by this that we kept using the saying throughout the rest of college.

So it was only appropriate to send my ex-roomie who moved across the country a cookie cake that said “Happy Day.”  So that’s what I did–I made a semisweet chocolate chip and peanut butter chip cookie and sent it to Texas for her!  I decorated it with the frosting I got while working at Wilton (those cans and which is why the writing is so terrible–eek!).  Kathleen got the cake and said it is very good–that’s all I could ask for 🙂

So I leave you with a picture from our senior year at Halloween.  Kathleen may never forgive me for this, but I figure since I’m in it, maybe she’ll let it slide…she was Beth (Dog the Bounty Hunter’s woman friend–those are balloons) and I was D’Artagnon….oh to be in college again, right?


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