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What to do with leftover pizza dough

…When you are absolutely sick of eating pizza for the week….

Sounds horrible right?  Who could get sick of pizza?  Well…when you have pizza for 3-4 meals out of the week…this girl.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some deep dish and some thin crust (which by the way, that crust recipe also makes a killer thin crust), but there comes a point where one must consume something else.


So rather than throw out the dough, I decided to turn it into something else…garlic knots!  And what makes them awesome is that they are SUPER easy to make.



Garlic Knots

Leftover pizza dough

4 cloves of garlic

A pinch of salt

4 T unsalted butter

2 drizzles of olive oil

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Roll pizza dough out into a square and cut 1 inch x 4 inch strips.  Roll the dough into a log and tie into a knot.  Place on baking sheet and bake for 12-14 minutes (I tend to like my bread a bit doughier, so adjust according!)

While the knots are baking, finely mince or make a paste out of the garlic.  Melt butter in a pan on the stove and add the olive oil and garlic.

Toss the knots with the butter mixture when they come out of the oven.


See, a super quick and tasty way to utilize the items laying around in your kitchen!  And for those who love garlic….an it’s almost the weekend treat.  Shame DJ OB missed this one 😉


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How to Make Arancini or What to do with Leftover Risotto!

1) Take one recipe of leftover risotto OR make a fresh batch of risotto but let it cool in the fridge for a bit (the second method takes a while but is perfect if you are procrastinating from doing work….). Cut up some cubes of mozzarella cheese.

2) Spoon some risotto in the palm of your hand and make an indent in the risotto. Place some cubes of mozzarella in that indent and cover the cheese up with more risotto. Make into a ball shape.

3) Prepare a breading station in the following order: flour, egg (beaten and with a little milk and salt), breadcrumbs (I did seasoned breadcrumbs because it was what I had on hand, but next time I want to try panko breadcrumbs). Roll the balls in the flour, then egg, and then the breadcrumbs.

4) Next, panfry the balls in a deep-sided pan with a little oil in the bottom (I used canola–I wouldn’t recommend olive oil because it will smoke and your food will taste bad). Once the balls are browned on most of the sides, transfer them to a foil-lined (if you want to be lazy in clean-up!) and place in a 300 degree oven until you are done frying all of the balls or are ready to eat. Putting them in the oven will melt the cheese inside a bit better and will is a bit healthier than the traditional method of deep-frying.

5) Top with your favorite tomato sauce and enjoy!

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