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I’m an RD! And Banana Cake

That’s right! I passed the Registration Exam for Dietitians last Tuesday which means that after five years of hard work, I am finally a Registered Dietitian!  Woohoo!

This also means that when I’m not looking for a job, I will be able to post a lot more often and should have some more exciting things to write about ;).

But until then, I will leave you with a picture (I forgot my camera so I had to rely on the boyfriend to take any pictures whatsoever–thanks Miles!) of a banana cake made for Miles’ birthday.  Yup, it’s that time of the year where I can call Miles “Old Fart” because he is 2 years older than me for a little over a month!

To celebrate his birthday, he asked me to make him a banana cake using this recipe.  I actually followed the cake recipe for the most part(big surprise huh?) and only differed by adding cinnamon to the batter.  Did not follow the cream cheese frosting recipe because Miles likes his cream cheese frosting “tangy.”  And I topped the whole cake with a plethora of berries because 1) berries were cheaper at the store 2) it complimented the banana and cream cheese 3) easy decorations!  Also, I must apologize for the horrible frosting job–I did not allow myself enough time to make this cake–put it together in about 5 minutes and I’m just super out of practice.

So it was good, but nothing special.  Given that I followed the cake batter directions to a “t” (i.e. I made space in my family’s very crowded freezer to place the piping hot cake in for a good 45 minutes) to make sure it turned out like the reviewers said it would, it was just ok.  It was not the best banana cake I’ve ever had nor was it the most moist cake I’ve had either.  It was a good cake overall, but Miles and I did not think it deserved all of the praise it received from all of its previous reviewers.

Stay tuned for some more exciting posts–ideas for things to make are greatly appreciated!!  Feel free to comment and maybe receive the goodies you suggest….


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