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Caffeine Infused Brownies: Trip to Ames, Part 1

So I decided to travel out to Ames, IA for the weekend to visit my younger brother, David. After a 7 hour drive in some of the worst weather conditions I’ve ever driven in, I made it to Ames. We hung out last night with his roommate and had a really relaxing evening.

After a nice little run outside this morning, he decided that I needed to go check out a local bakery that sold caffeine infused products. I thought, yea sure, I love coffee in my brownies just as much as someone else…..turns out this place takes pharmaceutical grade caffeine and puts it into their baked goods! They grind caffeine pills up and mix them into their brownies, cookies, cakes, and muffins….

Ok so I’m a little weirded out by this. It’s one thing to get your caffeine fix from a cup of coffee, but to get it from pills mixed into baked goods…that’s something I don’t know that I can really do. Nonetheless, the baker should have a gold mine–her shop in a coffee town and college students will do anything to stay awake to get their homework done or study for really long hours. (That being said, college students would be better off–in terms of health–drinking coffee as it should not provide as many calories as these baked goods.)

So David wanted me to try this brownie out and wanted me to eat the whole thing. I just couldn’t do it. It was a very tasty brownie and very pretty, but given how caffeine sensitive I am….I started to get sick after half of it.

I wish this baker the best of luck, but this girl is going to stick to her tea and coffee instead of pills ground up into baked goods for caffeine fixes.


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