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Cinnamon Swirl Muffins Take 1

Last weekend while I happened to stumble upon my family’s muffins tins and could not for the life of me remember the last time I made muffins.  I went on this cupcake baking spree a few months ago, but had not make the breakfast favorite in a while.  And on a boring night, I decided it was time to break the dry spell.

Cinnamon is one of Miles’ favorite flavors.  My family likes to joke around and say that if you turn your back, cinnamon will end up in everything he makes ;-).  This is of course not true, but we jest in good fun.  His influence must have rubbed off on me though because I was craving cinnamon like no other and decided that a cinnamon swirl muffin would be the way to go.

My inspiration for this muffin came from the Duncan Hines Cinnamon Swirl Muffin Mix.  My mom would occasionally make muffins for breakfast when we were kids.  It was a great change of pace from cereal, but most of the muffins were just ok–except the cinnamon swirl ones…those took the cake.

I found this recipe online and decided to follow it for the muffins.  I have a nasty habit though of not following recipes–which is what happened when I started to make these.  Cinnamon ended up in every element of the muffin.  I omitted the pecans and the cinnamon chips/butterscotch chips.  And so on…

These muffins, however, were not close to the ones of my youth.  They turned out a bit dry.  I also didn’t really like the oats in it (yea yea I know, I didn’t like the one “healthy” component of the muffin, so shoot me–it was a textural thing).  Next time, I might not bake these as long and I will really make sure that I do not overmix these guys.

Nonetheless, they were tasty though….I’ll get it next time.


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