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Lemon Cupcakes with Prickly Pear Buttercream

Sorry for the lack of posts for a while!  Life kind of got in the way of baking–I’ve had some pretty big changes in my life lately, but everything has worked out for the best.  I got my first RD job as a WIC Nutritionist at the site I interned at during my Dietetic Internship.  Woot!  Ok enough about me…let’s get to the cupcakes…

These cupcakes were made for my dad’s work–they are having a luncheon where the employees need to bring an “international side dish” of sorts.  His coworkers requested that I make something for their lunch and so I agreed to make something for them.  The result=lemon cupcakes with a prickly pear buttercream frosting.  Sounds weird right?  Trust me, they are delicious!  The inspiration for this dish came from some prickly pear lemonade I made a year ago– saw some prickly pears at the grocery store and wanted to make something with them.

I used Martha Stewart’s Lemon Cupcake recipe from her beautiful cupcake cookbook.  I also used her swiss meringue buttercream recipe (I think I prefer Italian buttercreams) BUT the prickly pear part is all mine.  So onto the prickly pear part…

These are prickly pears–they are part of the cactus plant!  Get yourself 7 of these guys.  You can probably find them at ethnic grocery stores.

Grab a cutting board that won’t stain and maybe wear an apron–this stuff can stain pretty badly.  Cut off the ends and slice down the side of each pod.

Peel the peel off of the bud.  It’ll come off really easily.

Throw them in a blender and blend until completely smooth (give it a few minutes).

Grab a fine sieve and strain the juice.  You’ll notice a bunch of small blackish seeds.  Discard them. 

Pour the juice into a small pan and add ~3 tablespoons sugar.  Reduce it until it gets syrupy.

It’ll look somewhat like this.  Cool it off and add it to the frosting with the vanilla!

Top the lemon cupcakes with that delicious frosting that you made and enjoy!  I shared my trial batch with a bunch of friends in Wisconsin and they went over really well.  Luncheon is tomorrow so I’ll find out tomorrow how his coworkers like the actual batch!



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