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Seminar Friday and Eating like the Spainards

So my Friday started off with a 3.5 mile run (yay! I’m increasing my mileage without getting hurt) at the gym. I got home and realized that I had an abnormal amount of time in which I could eat breakfast–usually I just have enough time to eat a quick bowl of cereal and run out the door–so I decided that oatmeal was to be made.The resulting bowl included 1/3 cup oats, ~2/3 cup water, 2 tsp brown sugar, couple (5) shakes of cinnamon, 1/2 cup diced pear, 1/4 cup dried cranberries, and a scrape of almond butter. Yum!! This will entice me to wake up earlier more often to make a better breakfast!

Headed off to a seminar on a variety of nutrition and RD related topics–some good, some extremely boring. They provided lunch which consisted of a mixture of international tastes to go along with the subtopic of cultural diversity in dietetics. My plate consisted of a veggie tamale (spinach and carrots and overcooked masa), small portion of veggie salad (I think it had red pepper slices, red onion and some italian-style dressing), half of a veggie eggroll, slice of pita bread with some very sour-cream tasting hummus, 1/2 of a falafal, and 2 slices of friend plaintains. Plaintains were the best part of the entire meal!After the seminar and some fun time with my friend Stephanie in the car, I picked Miles up from work and we head to the ginormous Whole Foods in Lincoln Park. WOW! That place is amazing and I need to head back with a couple of hours to browse and a full wallet of money!!! We planned on making veggie pizzas for dinner and ran around the store trying to find everything we needed. Finally ended up eating like the Spainards at 9:30. Yikes! That’s really late for me, but the pizzas were quite tasty.Yum! My pizza has red peppers, onions, spinach sauteed with garlic, shitake mushrooms sauteed with garlic, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, dried basil, and crushed red peppers. Still haven’t dug into the leftovers–have a yummy lunch for tomorrow!I had to take a picture of Miles’ pizza–he had all of the veggies I had, but also included some poblano pepper, some amazing peppered bacon, parsley, and 2 eggs! He said it was delicious, but still has some adjustments to make because the yolks were a little too set for his liking. We couldn’t get the whites to set right away and as a result, it spent too much time in the oven. Oh well, we’ll get it next time.

Rounded out the night with part of a Carol’s Chocolate Chip Cookie. Yum! Sorry for the lack of a picture, I dug into it before I could take a picture of it. 🙂


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