Why Gluten-Free?

My brother was diagnosed with Celiac disease in September 2009.  An avid bread and cereal eater, he became slightly depressed with the available gluten-free replacements on the market.

This made me realize how much work still needs to be done in terms of gluten-free products (yes I know they have come a LONG way already) and how my background of nutrition and culinary makes me an ideal candidate to try to tackle a small part of this problem.

As an soon-to-be RD, I want to work and help those with Celiac disease feel better and enjoy their lives a little more by including items that they once had to eliminate (sans gluten of course!).  My long-term goal is to open a gluten-free bakery that all members of a community can enjoy.


One response to “Why Gluten-Free?

  1. Gram Pa

    Grate Work .All i have sampled of your baking is great.I know your brother enjoys your baking

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